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Windows 8 Upgrade Assistanthelp and info

  • What is Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant?

    The Upgrade Assistant for Windows 8 is a free tool from Microsoft that allows users running an operating system older than Windows 8 on their PC to check the hardware to determine whether it meets the requirements to download the upgrade. This helps users not familiar with their hardware specs to find the answers they need regarding the latest software.

  • Is Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant free?

    Yes, the Windows Upgrade Assistant is free to download and install. Once installed, it can help determine if Windows 8 is compatible with your PC. If it is and you wish to upgrade, Windows 8 can be purchased separately.

  • Is Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant safe?

    Yes, the Windows Upgrade Assistant is safe to use on all Microsoft Windows PCs. Because it comes straight from Windows, users can be sure it contains no harmful or malicious content and is safe for users of all ages.

  • Does Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant apply to all PCs running Windows 7?

    Yes, PCs running Windows 7 can all download the upgrade tool to determine whether their PC meets download requirements for Windows 8. This is a free service provided by Microsoft to help encourage adoption of the Windows 8 operating system.

  • Does Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant require an internet connection to use?

    Yes, the Upgrade Assistant for Windows 8 will require an internet connection in order to analyze your system and provide you with a detailed report of its findings. Once done, providing your PC meets upgrade requirements, users can download and install Windows 8.

  • How do I install Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant?

    The Windows Upgrade Assistant can be installed by downloading the file from the Microsoft website or a trusted-third-party source. It can also be found in Windows Updates. When installed, it can be found in All Programs.

  • Can I upgrade to Windows 8 without the Upgrade Assistant?

    If you know that your PC meets all the requirements, you can download Windows 8 without first installing and running the Upgrade Assistant. The Upgrade Assistant is targeted at those who are unsure of the hardware setup and need help analyzing their system.

  • How much disk space is needed to download Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant?

    The Upgrade Assistant is a relatively small download at 5.49 MB in size. As long as users have an equal or greater amount of disk space, the update can be installed on their system.

  • Can I purchase Windows 8 with the Upgrade Assistant?

    If the Upgrade Assistant determines that your system meets the requirements of Windows 8, the new operating system can be purchased from within the tool.

  • Do I need to download the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant?

    No, not everyone will require the Upgrade Assistant. For those not intending to upgrade to Windows 8, or for those who know their system already doesn’t meet the requirements of Windows 8, the tool is unnecessary. It also doesn’t apply to outdated PCs or ones that are already running a newer version of Windows.